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Sports Enhancement with Kieser Functional TrainingWhat is the difference between a division 1AA athlete and a division 1 athlete?  Not much.  A few steps quicker, a few pounds stronger.  It becomes a game of fractions.  Which athletes will be able to improve their current performance by 2%?  By 3%?  When you are ready to take your current performance to the next level, Friedman Sports Enhancement is the premiere option to up your game.

Our Sports Enhancement Philosophy

At Friedman Rehab, we know that by combining fluidity of movement with beast strength, you not only gain an edge over other athletes, you avoid injury.  Properly supervised muscle coordination and development will expose you to fewer potential injuries during play, keeping you in the game and off the bench.  Athletic enhancement and physical wellness are not separate pursuits but are equal halves of the same goal.

A Personalized Approach

Sports Enhancement TrainingFluid, graceful movement combined with savage core strength will give you an advantage in any sport.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring each session is maximized to provide developmentally appropriate enhancement targeted to your specific sport and individual body type.

We offer unique plans for a variety of age groups and athletic abilities.  For younger clients we focus on building technique, coordination, fluid movement, and speed.  Once proper motion patterns have been established, clients build explosive strength on the latest Kaiser equipment with professional coaching and daily feedback.

All sessions start with an assessment of motion.  Our team will check for any joint restrictions or muscular restrictions.  We look for any points of potential weakness and address them immediately to ensure you are always able to perform at your best.  Your input is always valued as a key component to maximizing your athletic potential.

Savage Cross Core Strength What is Savage Cross-Core Strength?

Nearly all sports require cross-core strength.  Serving a tennis ball, pitching or hitting a baseball and driving a golf ball all require your body to engage multiple abdominal, back and hip muscle groups in a smooth continuous motion.  Being able to coordinate that motion consistently makes you good at a sport.  Being able to coordinate that motion consistently with beast-like strength makes you great.

The difference between a fastball in AAA and the major leagues is just a few miles per hour.  A tiny percentage.  Creating explosive cross-core strength is the combination of speed and power that gives top athletes the edge.  At Friedman Rehab we have the knowledge, equipment and experience to help you build your own edge.  When you’re ready to begin, contact us for your individualized consultation.