Car Accidents

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Auto Injury Recovery

Did you know that even low speed collisions can lead to long term spinal damage if appropriate treatment is not initiated immediately?

Cervical Spine Research on Car Accidents

Car Accidents and InjuriesAccording to the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, collisions resulting in whiplash can accelerate the head with over 10 times the force of gravity.  Victims may initially have few if any complaints as these injuries frequently take up to 48 hours to manifest.  In a car accident, the cervical spine is subjected to shearing and bending forces that can destabilize the spine and lead to long term degenerative spinal conditions unless professional diagnostic care and a thoughtful treatment plan is sought early.

Symptoms that can result from car accidents include:

  • Whiplash
  • Severe headaches
  • Pain in shoulder, neck and rib
  • Pain in back, leg, or sciatic
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Pain in knee and ankle
  • Pain in elbow and wrist

Back to Better

Car accidents and whiplash injuries interrupt your daily life and may impede your ability to perform at home or at work.  The sooner chiropractic care is initiated, the sooner you will be on the road to recovery.  Our practice offers pinpoint diagnostic care and expert treatment plans to maximize recovery.  Our services are geared to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation in order to accelerate natural healing.  Our staff will also spend the time to customize an exercise plan and provide the education you need to take control of your own recovery process.

Why Friedman Rehab?

Dr. Friedman and his team have dedicated their careers to gently and safely providing spinal realignment to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and promote natural healing.  In addition to spinal realignment, our practice offers a wide range of treatments to match the individual needs of each client including electric stimulation therapy, ultrasound therapy and neuroemotional techniques.  Each automobile accident victim suffers unique injuries.  Schedule your consultation today to begin your path to recovery and return to your pain-free lifestyle.

When visiting Friedman Spine & Physical Therapy, PC for your first visit regarding car accident injuries or Workers Comp injuries, please download and complete the appropriate form below, identifying where you feel pain and information regarding your accident case:

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